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With microlearning on mobile, it's easy to build right the first time


Buildright in less than 2 min.

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No mistakes

Buildright uses data and experience to create step-by-stepmicrolearning which is easy to understand and makes it easy to build right the first time.

No delays

No complaints

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Why Buildright?


Increased sales

  • Show the benefits of your solutions with great animations and 3D models on a modern mobile platform

  • Makes assembly easy to understand, creates security and lowers the barrier to converting to your solutions

  • Your microlearning can be integrated into the customer's systems for  quality and control

Lower costs

  • Fewer complaints due to incorrect assembly

  • Increase sales efficiency and reach your most important target groups directly through the app

  • Reduced need for physical customer service and training on construction sites or in classrooms

Satisfied customers

  • Mobile app that is easy to use with content that is easy to find and understand

  • Engaged users can compete and give direct feedback

  • Responsive customer service supported by pedagogical microlearning

Turn your assembly instructions into microlearning

which is engaging and  user friendly.


Lower costs

  • Avoid costs for error correction, new materials, conflicts and replacements

  • Use resources efficiently and avoid planning and follow-up of error correction.

  • Eliminate the most important construction errors and reduce project costs by up to 3%

Build faster

  • It's much faster to build right the first time!

  • Avoid re-planning and shifting of work that harms the progress of the project

  • Reduce construction time by up to 5% and reduce the risk of delays

Better sustainability

  • Avoid unnecessary construction waste

  • Reduce the CO2 footprint of the building

Complete the quality system with very specific instructions

for correct execution that is directly relevant on the construction site.

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The solution


No more long and complicated texts. In Buildright, correct assembly is shown step-by-step with good illustrations and a minimum of text that cannot be misunderstood.


Everyone involved always has what they need available on their mobile, tablet or PC.


Quality assured

Buildright uses data and experiences to create micro-learning for the most critical assemblies. The solution shows you the correct execution for the task you are doing right now.

All microlearning is updated and quality assured against pre-accepted solutions,

the supplier's instructions and the contractor's experiences and best practice.


Mobile microlearning in 1-2-3



Select the most important products

  • Solutions that include new methods or where mistakes are often made and the consequences are great

  • Products with large volumes today or where the potential for growth is high

  • Buildright assists with knowledge and data about which assemblies are challenging for your customers and users


Create microlearning

  • The basis for micro-learning is found in most cases in
    existing material

  • In collaboration with your professionals, Buildright's experts rework the material into educational, step-by-step micro-learning with good illustrations (animations, 3D models etc.)


Launch your mobile microlearning

  • Use Buildright in sales meetings and at trade shows and distribute to
    existing and new customers

  • Use in training customers, end users and your own employees

  • Use in customer service and provide effective help and support



Select the most important assemblies

  • Installations where there are often problems and the consequences are great and should be prioritized

  • With your experiences and the data and insight Buildright is sitting on, we identify the most important assemblies for your project


Create microlearning

  • The basis for micro-learning can already be found in the company's best practices and in the knowledge of plant managers and skilled workers

  • The microlearning is developed in close collaboration between your experts and Buildright

  • We ensure quality against pre-accepted solutions and  the suppliers' instructions


Launch your mobile microlearning

  • Distribute to all involved

  • Use the microlearning in start-up meetings, or follow up that everyone has carried out on their own

  • Use it as a tool on the go – it's always available on your mobile

We collaborate with strong industry players

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Lars Gaustad

+47 9289 7118


The collective

Ulvenveien 82E

0581 Oslo

Buildright is a registered trademark

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