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Our guides make learning intuitive with direct relevance to current projects. Featuring clear, step-by-step visuals, they simplify complex tasks—making them a favourite tool among workers and sales reps alike.

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Teach and learn installation processes right on the job site with our mobile solution. After training, it remains accessible on all devices for easy repetition, reference, and quality checks.

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Our flexible platform enhances cooperation between suppliers and contractors, ensuring workers are well-prepared. Customise content with project-specific details to tailor training perfectly.

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Our guides make learning intuitive with direct relevance to current projects. Featuring clear, step-by-step visuals, they simplify complex tasks—making them a favourite tool among workers and sales reps alike.

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Buildright is a tailor-made solution for the construction industry

Discover how you can enhance your team's efficiency and deliver greater value to your customers.

Building Material Suppliers

Solutions Perfectly Installed

Empower your customers with visually engaging and easy-to-follow learning guides. By ensuring your solutions are installed correctly the first time, you not only boost customer satisfaction but also reduce complaints and support requests. This efficiency allows your sales reps to dedicate more time to business growth and customer outreach.


Fast and Precise Execution

Plan and execute installations with efficiency and precision using our visual guides. Relevant on-site training ensures your workers gain the necessary skills right where they matter most, virtually eliminating rework. This speeds up project completion and cuts down on costs and waste.

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Hear how Buildright's AI-powered guides have transformed projects by reducing errors and enhancing training efficiency.

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"The quality improvement in installations since using Buildright is significant. Workers frequently use the app for guidance and reference. Buildright is straightforward to use and has enhanced the quality of our installations."

Sigmund A.

Development Manager



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“Buildright creates trust in our solutions. It simplifies conveying the benefits of using Bano Prefab, and it makes our communication with customers significantly more effective.”

Christian A.

Sales Director


Bano Prefab

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Latest Insights

Explore our latest articles to stay updated with industry trends, best practices, and insights on how Buildright is disrupting the construction learning landscape.

Since its inception in 1965, Steni has risen to prominence as a leading provider of façade solutions, known for delivering products that blend distinctive aesthetics with long-lasting durability. With a substantial presence in Norway and significant international sales, Steni recognises that the ultimate quality of their façades heavily relies on the precision of their installation.

Innovative Partnership for Installation Excellence

Acknowledging the critical role of expert installation, Steni has partnered with Buildright to revolutionize the training process for installing their façade systems. This collaboration aims to ensure that the final installation reflects the high quality and unique expression that Steni products are known for.

"Throughout my carrier I have been working with more than 30 communication specialist companies. The professionalism and cooperation abilities of Buildright place them on my top three list." Jan Terje Nielsen, Chief Communication and Brand Officer at Steni.

Creating Intuitive Training Guides

The façade, a vital element of any building, not only offers essential weather protection but also defines the building's visual appeal. To enhance the installation process, Buildright has tapped into Steni's extensive product documentation and the deep expertise of their product specialists. The result is a comprehensive, step-by-step training guide designed to simplify and clarify the installation process.

A Milestone in Customer Engagement

As Steni prepares to launch these new training guides in seven languages across Europe, the company views this initiative as a significant milestone in customer interaction. These guides are set to transform how Steni engages with their customers, from facilitating clearer communication with designers to providing robust support to installers directly at the construction site.

A Tool for Sales and Project Success

Projected as an indispensable resource, the Buildright-developed guides are poised to become a crucial tool for Steni's sales and project support teams. By enhancing the installation process, Steni expects to drive customer satisfaction to new heights, reinforcing their market leadership and commitment to quality.

July 11, 2024
Steni partners with Buildright to improve façade installation precision with comprehensive training guides, ensuring top-quality results.
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Bano Prefab and Buildright: Revolutionizing Prefabricated Construction

Explore how Bano Prefab and Buildright are pioneering the future of prefabricated construction with innovative, Al-driven training and enhanced project communication

Bano Prefab: Leaders in Off-Site Construction

Since 2004, Bano Prefab has been a trailblazer in the off-site construction industry, specialising in the delivery of prefabricated bathrooms. Their commitment to innovation and quality has set them apart in the rapidly evolving construction market.

Enhancing Sales and Communication

Bano Prefab has integrated Buildright's solutions to transform their sales process and improve communication with project stakeholders, including designers, main contractors, and subcontractors. This collaboration has streamlined the clarification of details, ensuring that every project component is understood and agreed upon before implementation.

Effective Installer Training

With Buildright's Al-powered mobile guides, Bano Prefab has revolutionised the training of installers. The platform ensures that every team member gains a comprehensive understanding of the installation processes, emphasizing the crucial role of precision for achieving the highest quality outcomes. This effective training approach ensures consistency and excellence across all installations.

A Competitive Edge in the Market

Since implementing Buildright's solution in 2003, Bano Prefab has fortified its competitive edge in the market. The company recognises significant opportunities to leverage these advanced tools to expand their business and continue leading in the prefabricated construction sector.

Looking to the Future

Bano Prefab is optimistic about the future, seeing Buildright's solutions as a key factor in gaining more business and driving industry standards. The partnership exemplifies how targeted technological enhancements can yield substantial benefits in terms of efficiency, quality, and market growth.

May 5, 2024
Bano Prefab and Buildright are revolutionizing the prefabricated construction industry with AI-driven training.
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Veidekke: Pioneers in Construction

Veidekke, the largest contractor in the Norwegian market, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to perfection and quality. They are consistently at the forefront of integrating innovative approaches within their projects, setting industry standards.

From Concept to Reality In October 2022

Buildright and Veidekke embarked on a collaborative journey with a shared vision: to simplify and expedite the installation of bathroom pods in one of the largest housing projects for OBOS. What began as a simple mock-up and idea quickly evolved into a practical solution aimed at reducing errors in a process fraught with multiple steps and potential pitfalls. Together, we developed what is now recognised as Buildright - the leading mobile microlearning solution tailored for the construction industry.

Impressive Results Speak Volumes

With six out of nine floors completed, Veidekke has observed remarkable progress and significantly fewer deviations, demonstrating the effectiveness of our partnership. "Buildright was immediately implemented by all involved, and we've seen that pod installations are now more efficient and of higher quality," says Sigmund Reff, Site Manager at Veidekke.

"We believe in using digital tools where they provide direct practical benefits, as Buildright has shown us. We are now exploring other construction processes that could benefit from this system." Sigmund Aslesen, Development Manager at Veidekke

Feedback from Users

At Buildright, we take great pride in the positive feedback from users on the ground: "Buildright is very easy to use, it's easy to find what I need, and having everything available on my mobile is extremely helpful," said one installer. Another commented, "I use the Buildright app constantly to check details during installation."

A Bright Future Ahead

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Team Veidekke for their excellent cooperation, including Sigmund Reff, Sigmund Aslesen, Anders Melin, and others.

We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration, further enhancing project efficiency, ensuring flawless execution, and elevating worker competence through our Al-powered, user-friendly mobile guides.

April 3, 2024
Discover how Veidekke and Buildright revolutionised construction with AI-driven solutions, achieving remarkable efficiency in one of Norway’s largest housing projects.

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Buildright is an innovative solution that transforms learning in the construction industry with step-by-step guides for perfect installation.

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Contractors seeking to improve project accuracy and reduce waste will find Buildright invaluable for training their teams and enhancing on-site performance.

Yes, our training modules are tailored for specific products, solutions, or projects, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

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Yes, Buildright supports extensive integration capabilities and works seamlessly with many commonly used applications. For more details, visit our Product page.

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